Jolshiri is one of the most prominent Indian cuisine restaurants in Claygate, Esher, offering delicious Indian cuisine dishes. Jolshiri restaurant is located at The Green, Claygate, Esher, Surrey KT10 0JQ. The restaurant and takeaway service is famous for presenting the taste of Indian cuisine to British people and in a way making it interesting for them to try and eventually love. The chef of Jolshiri seeks inspiration from the various different states of Indian sub-continent and therefore the menu of Jolshiri Indian Restaurant and Takeaway is rather diverse. You will find various Indian cuisine dishes from different parts of the sub-continent with different preparation, taste and consistency. The one thing common in all of those is the ambrosial taste. Once you go through the menu, you will know it for yourself. And to taste the whole goodness of it, you can dine in Jolshiri or order a takeaway online from their website. For more details, please visit: